About us

The skin is the largest organ on your body and is super-porous. It absorbs anything that is applied on it.

If you are careful about what goes into your mouth, think even more about what you apply all over your body.

Before you use any store bought bathing bars and shampoos, read their ingredient list. Understand the adverse effects it may have on you and your environment. Know that they have probably been tested on animals. Think if that is something you want on you and your conscience.

Most commercial bars (not SOAPS) contain a lot of preservatives, lathering agents, colors and scents. Though it may look and feel pleasing for a while, continued use of artificial chemicals on your body can get stored in the body causing long term health issues. Not to mention the affects of pouring strong chemicals out into the environment.

These commercial detergent bars do not have ‘soap’ on their labels as they cannot legally claim to be soaps; they are detergents. They are stripped of the natural glycerin and are harsh to the skin. This glycerin is separately sold to manufactures of lotions and moisturizers which you skin will require after being subject to the harsh detergents.

Suffuse makes and sells soaps that are first tested on the maker –Aruna.


The products are 100% natural and cruelty free. Each product is published with their list of ingredients.

Pure edible oils which go into our soaps include Olive oil to which we add coconut oil for the rich lather and cleansing properties, Sunflower oil for the skin care properties, Castor oil for the moisturizing lather etc. Pure cocoa and Shea butters are added for luxurious conditioning and moisturizing benefits. Colours, additives and scents used are entirely homemade and natural. For eg. Turmeric, sandalwood paste, tulsi paste, coffee and cocoa powders, Oatmeal and honey to name a few.

We use the cold-process soap making method with no external heat used, which helps retain as much of the natural goodness of the ingredients as possible. These mild and nourishing soaps are rich in natural glycerin that is produced in the process. And completely bio-degradable.

They are free from preservatives, artificial colors and fragrances. No foam boosters or detergents are used.