soap mold

650gm Silicone mold
650gm Silicone mold Molds
Sturdy Silicone Mold of 650gm capacity. This mold is recommended for newbie soapers and for creating test or sample batched of soap...
₹ 750
Sturdy Silicone Molds with lid
Sturdy Silicone Molds with lid Molds
Sturdy Silicone Mold This is a rectangular Loaf mold which can be used as a stand-alone mold exactly as is. It does not bend with the...
₹ 500
Tall and skinny molds
Tall and skinny molds Molds
Tall and Skinny Silicone Mold 1500gm A tall and skinny mold requires no introductions. These make the most beautiful tall, slim bars of soap...
₹ 950