Mermaid Tail silicone molds 12%
Mermaid Tail silicone molds Molds
Mermaid Tail silicone molds These are available in 2 sizes. Large: 11 x 7 cm: Rs 350/- Small: 9 x 6.5 cm: Rs 250/- They work well...
₹ 250
₹ 220
Sturdy Silicone Molds with lid
Sturdy Silicone Molds with lid Molds
Sturdy Silicone Mold This is a rectangular Loaf mold which can be used as a stand-alone mold exactly as is. It does not bend with the...
₹ 500
Tall and skinny molds
Tall and skinny molds Molds
Tall and Skinny Silicone Mold 1500gm A tall and skinny mold requires no introductions. These make the most beautiful tall, slim bars of soap...
₹ 950