Kokum butter

Armocare Hair Conditioner
Armocare Hair Conditioner Hair Care
Armocare Hair Conditioner - Rinse off With the goodness of Argan and Macademia nut oil, Shea butter and a refreshing blend of essential oils...
₹ 250
Deep nourishing Hair butter
Deep nourishing Hair butter Hair Care
Deep nourishing emulsified Hair butter With the goodness of hibiscus leaves and flowers, tulsi leaves and curry leaves. Massage a small...
₹ 300
Pure unrefined Kokum Butter
Pure unrefined Kokum Butter Butters, Waxes and raw ingredients
Pure unrefined Kokum Butter Properties and uses [excerpt from Wikipedia] Kokum butter is non-greasy and gets absorbed into the skin...
₹ 350