Lip Safe flavours

Lip safe flavour oils that can be used in lip balms, lip scrubs, lipsticks, lip gloss etc.

Chocolate Fantasy Fragrance Oil 39%
Chocolate Fantasy Fragrance Oil Fragrance Oils
Chocolate Fantasy Fragrance Oil A popular, delicious-smelling fragrance oil which offers the luxurious scent of real chocolate - without the...
₹ 510
₹ 310
Fresh Coffee Fragrance Oil
Fresh Coffee Fragrance Oil Fragrance Oils
Fresh Coffee Fragrance Oil A complex blend of nutty, smoky, herby scents with just the righ amount of bitter sweetness to give you that "wake...
₹ 510
Mixed Fruit Fragrance Oil
Mixed Fruit Fragrance Oil Fragrance Oils
Mixed Fruit Fragrance Oil A delicious, soft and sweet blend of apples, peach, banana, pineapple, blueberry and melons. USES: Soaps,...
₹ 510
Raspberry Seed Oil - PURE
Raspberry Seed Oil - PURE Carrier Oils
Raspberry Seed Oil RED RASPBERRY SEED OIL is a very potent antioxidant, that making it an excellent addition to your natural sun protection...
₹ 660
Strawberry Fragrance Oil
Strawberry Fragrance Oil Fragrance Oils
Strawberry Fragrance Oil A scent that smells just like the real thing! A sweet, juicy, mouthwatering strawberry with a touch of tartness that...
₹ 510
Warm Vanilla Fragrance Oil
Warm Vanilla Fragrance Oil Fragrance Oils
Warm Vanilla Fragrance Oil A rich creamy scent of warmth and luxury. Its a comforting and elegant blend with a slight sweetness that reminds...
₹ 510