Cupcake Soap
Cupcake Soap Luxury Soap
Cupcake Soaps Created using the Cold-Process Soap making method which helps retain the natural properties of the ingredients. Ingredient...
Rs 150
Cupcake topper ball mold
Cupcake topper ball mold Molds
These cupcake / soap topper ball molds are in stock. These are now available in 2 sizes. 20 cavity mold for Rs. 400+ courier charges. 40 cavity...
Rs 400
Mermaid Tail silicone molds
Mermaid Tail silicone molds Molds
Mermaid Tail silicone molds These are available in 2 sizes. Large: 11 x 7 cm: Rs 350/- Small: 9 x 6.5 cm: Rs 250/- They work well...
Rs 250
Sea Shells silicone mold
Sea Shells silicone mold Molds
Sea Shells silicone molds 10 Assorted sea shell cavities They work well with M&p. If you use them for cp make sure your freeze the soap before...
Rs 350