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The Perfect Red Mica!!

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The Perfect Red Mica!!

We have all been looking for the Perfect Red or the True Red Mica for colouring our soaps. Most of what we find is either maroon or pink, never the perfect red.

Finally, we have one!!

This is a custom blend suggested by my supplier, which gives you the perfect smooth red with a lustre!

The blend can be used in CP / MP / HP soaps and other wash off products. IT IS NOT LIP SAFE

Usage rate: Max. upto 10gm for 500gm of soap batter. 

Use it generously if you want to get the brightest of reds.

Do not underestimate the colour by looking at the powder form.

Here is how it looks mixed in oil.

And here is how a finished soap looks.

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Product details

Category: Micas and Colourants

Quantity: 10gm Jar




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