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 Rectangle cavity mold - 100gm images

  • Rectangle cavity mold - 100gm images
  • Rectangle cavity mold - 100gm images
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Rectangle cavity mold - 100gm

Price: Rs.265

Available in 3-5 days from the order date

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These versatile cavity molds are a must have for any soap maker! 

They give you a perfect bar of 100grams 

They are great to create fancy, unique top swirls on individual soaps. 

Suitable for MP, CP or HP. Unmolding is a breeze from these flexible molds which hold their shape real well when the soap is poured. 

Wonderful accessory to have handy to catch excess soap batter if your calculation isn't as accurate as you thought. 

Measurements :

L=8CM x W= 5.5 CM 

Height= 2.5 CM

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