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Lotion Base

Price: Rs.200

Select Lotion base VariantSelect QuantityPrice
Almond Oil Lotion base250gmRs.250
Olive Oil Lotion base250gmRs.200
Almond Oil Lotion base500gmRs.500
Olive Oil Lotion base500gmRs.400
Almond Oil Lotion base1 KGRs.950
Olive Oil Lotion base1 KGRs.900

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Lotion Base

Quick absorbing, light weight lotion base available. Just add fragrance /essential oils and colorants (optional) and the lotion is ready to use. Can be used as a face and body lotion. Suitable for all skin types.

Ingredients :

Oil (of your choice) , Emulsifier (EWax), purified water, paraben-free preservative. 


Product details

Category: Supplies

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