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 11 Lipstick custom colors combo images

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11 Lipstick custom colors combo

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11 Lipstick custom colors combo

These colors are custom mixed shades of lip safe pigments / oxides and mica. 

They will give a shimmery long lasting color in lipstick  or lip balm. 

Mix with a little oil from the recipe and add it to the melted butters /waxes. 
Max Usage -

1-2% of the total weight in lip balms. 

10-12% of the total weight in lipstick. Add less quantity to get a sheer look.

LIP Safe Colours. 

These may also be used in tiny amounts in body butter or lotion. Do not add too much 

It may not work well with soap as the pigments are meant to color the skin. 

10 Lipstick colors 
Baby Pink  Hot Pink
Orange Coral Ruby Red
Cocoa Brown Caramel
Deep Maroon Ripe Berry
Rose Gold Peach Blush

To buy individual colours go to this link: http://www.suffuse.co.in/catalog/custom-lipstick-colours-37


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